Why kids should play sport

Playing sport provides a range of social, physical and cognitive benefits.provides a social network to meet new friends.

  • builds self-confidence and a sense of achievement
  • provides bonding and a sense of belonging
  • teaches social skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship by showing children how to be supportive, enjoy success, and accept disappointment
  • teaches children to compete fairly, balancing competitiveness with teamwork and the need to respect the other side
  • reduces boredom which can sometimes lead to anti-social behaviour and activity
  • improves physical fitness and stamina
  • develops balance, coordination, agility and flexibility
  • improves general health and wellbeing
  • improves academic performance
  • builds concentration, focus and memory. Children must learn to remember and apply rules, plays and strategies, even when they are excited
  • teaches self-control, persistence, patience and self-discipline
  • builds memory, teaches split-second decision-making and strategic thinking
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