Friends of Maccabi

Get together to meet old friends and relive wonderful memories and experiences gained in Maccabi Clubs and carnivals or simply enjoy a great sporting speaker over a tasty lunch.

Friends Lunch biannually - renew and maintain friendships, hear excellent speakers and receive updates on Maccabi activities.

Friends Volunteer in a range of roles as varied as event committees. envelope stuffing, to recording life histories and identifying people in old photographs. Wherever a friend’s interest lies, we match their skills, interests and the time available to the role.

Friends Advocate the benefits of healthy sporting activity in Maccabi Clubs, in improving academic performance, and the leadership and teamwork skills gained in a team.

Friends Promote positive social connections generated as a member of a Maccabi Club which ensure children feel good about themselves and avoid the temptation of drugs leading to delinquency.

Friends Donate to support Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation projects such as our Coaching Development Project and Child Protection Program.

Friends make a Bequest to support future Maccabi Victoria projects and facilities. Whether large or small, a Bequest has the power to ensure you are remembered in our community through a gift which will have impact on the lives of thousands of Maccabi Victoria members over many years to come.


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