Sports Foundation

The strength of our community rests in the hands of our young people.

By bringing young people together in an atmosphere of health, activity and common interests, Maccabi Victoria helps to maintain a strong community and a strong sense of Jewish identity.

The impetus for the establishment of the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation was the stark reality that our member clubs have achieved what they have today on a ‘hand to mouth’ basis. Maccabi Victoria membership across all of our clubs has grown over recent years from 2,700 to over 4,200 today.

We are rich in sporting achievements and tradition but, sadly, this is not always matched by the quality of programs and infrastructure, which is essential to cater for the growth that is being experienced.

The establishment, in 2003, of the Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation as the body to secure a strong financial basis to meet the infrastructure and program requirements of our community, to bring professional ‘know-how’ and to work with Maccabi clubs and community groups, is an important strategy to achieve this objective.

The vision of the Foundation is to support and develop:
Strong and growing clubs which keep our community connected and support excellence in team and individual performance

  • A strong financial base to enable Maccabi Victoria and its affiliated clubs to grow and achieve their goals
  • Well planned, high quality sports and social facilities for all Maccabi clubs and our community to share
  • A healthy lifestyle program to promote activity and good nutrition for all Jewish children
  • Strong clubs which develop important life skills and positive values

Tax deductible donations
Maccabi Victoria Sports Foundation is a Prescribed Ancillary Fund able to provide tax deductible status for donations of $2 or above

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