March 2017 Update

The Pathways Program has now been in operation for over a year. Initially Rob Paterson was employed to undertake a comprehensive review of club needs. Rob interviewed all MacVic clubs and produced a report identifying key needs and requirements, with coaching and administrative support standing out. A strategic planning session was then held in November 2016, producing the following five priorities:

  • Coaching: Each club has developed and implemented a Coaching Development Plan. Each club has an age specific Athlete Development Plan.
  • Administration Support: A centralised governance and compliance system for club committee operations developed and initially implemented.
  • Outcome Measures: A series of measures will be in place assessing the impact of Pathways objectives and club performance.
  • Profile and Branding: A coordinated strategy for Pathways will be in place, with consistent  branding and messaging.
  • Funding and Staffing: We will identify staffing and funding requirements for the Pathways Program and obtain additional resources as necessary.

Since that planning session, the Maccabi organisation has been fortunate to obtain the services of Port Adelaide Premiership Coach Mark Williams, as Senior Coach for the AJAX Footy Club, but also as Director of Coaching right across all Maccabi clubs, supported by Pathways funds. This is a major coup for our organisation.

Mark is now working with the larger Maccabi clubs on their coaching infrastructure and overall approach to coaching. Mark works from the MacVic office 3 days a week and can be contacted by email on He is employed to assist all Maccabi clubs, so be in touch with him if you have a particular need.

He is also working with parents on their role in supporting their children in their sporting development. Further resources are also being developed to assist all Maccabi clubs.

Russell Jaffe, Chair, Pathways Steering Committee. Ph: 0412-586-816.


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